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Hi, kappacha here! I'm 30 years old, and I grew up loving Japanese culture, animation, and art. As you can tell by this blog, I am a big fan of Ranma 1/2.

My little corner of the internet here on tumblr focused on anime, culture, food, gaming, and cute stuff here and there. I hope you enjoy! Twitter: https://twitter.com/kappachatter

Ranma ½: Byakuran Aika is an adventure game for the Mega-CD. It was the first of three Ranma ½ games to be released in 1993 and the only one released on the Mega-CD. The title can be translated as “White Orchid Serenade”.

The game features an original story centering on a new character, Arisa Nanjo (seen above). After Ranma Saotome’s friends go missing, it is up to him to track them down.  

Arisa Nanjo was voiced by Chisa Yokoyama (Sasami from Tenchi Muyo!).

(Source: ranma.wikia.com)

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